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The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame in mp3 audio

This much-loved story follows a group of animal friends in the English countryside as they pursue adventure ... and as adventure pursues them! The chief characters - Mole, Rat, and Toad - generally lead upbeat and happy lives, but their tales are leavened with moments of terror, homesickness, awe, madcap antics, and derring-do.

Although classed as children's literature, The Wind in the Willows holds a gentle fascination for adults too. The vocabulary is decidedly not "Dick and Jane", and a reader with a love of words will find new ones to treasure, even if well-equipped for the journey.


[   ] 90M  

[SND] wind willows 01 grahame.mp3          6.8M
[SND] wind willows 02 grahame.mp3          6.7M 
[SND] wind willows 03 grahame.mp3          6.8M 
[SND] wind willows 04 grahame.mp3          7.0M 
[SND] wind willows 05 grahame.mp3          8.6M  

[SND] wind willows 06 grahame.mp3          7.3M 
[SND] wind willows 07 grahame.mp3          6.2M 
[SND] wind willows 08 grahame.mp3          7.6M  

[SND] wind willows 09 grahame.mp3          9.9M 
[SND] wind willows 10 grahame.mp3          9.1M
[SND] wind willows 11 grahame.mp3          9.1M 
[SND] wind willows 12 grahame.mp3          7.2M  
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