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The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells in mp3 audio format for iPod and iTunes -  32kbps mono

This classic early science fiction novel was written by H.G. Wells in 1898. It describes the invasion of the earth by Martians using heat rays and fighting machines. It has been adapted many times for radio and movies.

[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_01.mp3  3.3M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_02.mp3  1.9M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_03.mp3  1.5M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_04.mp3  1.7M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_05.mp3  2.2M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_06.mp3  1.2M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_07.mp3  2.0M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_08.mp3  1.4M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_09.mp3  3.0M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_10.mp3  3.1M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_11.mp3  2.9M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_12.mp3  5.6M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_13.mp3  2.7M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_14.mp3  5.5M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_15.mp3  4.0M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_16.mp3  6.4M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_17.mp3  4.7M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_18.mp3  3.7M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_19.mp3  4.8M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_20.mp3  2.8M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_21.mp3  2.4M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_22.mp3  1.4M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_23.mp3  1.8M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_24.mp3  8.3M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_25.mp3  4.4M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_26.mp3  2.7M 
[SND] War_of_the_Worlds_27.mp3  2.0M 
[   ] 74M
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