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Swiss Family Robinson in m4b audio format for the iPod and iTunes -  32kbps mono

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The Swiss Family Robinson is a novel, first published in 1812, about a Swiss family who are shipwrecked en route for Australia. Making for an island, they discover and develop all the necessaries for a good life - showing incredible resourcefulness in adapting and utilizing the island's many natural resources. Written by Swiss pastor Johann David Wyss, and edited by his son Johann Rudolf Wyss, it was to teach his four sons about family values, good husbandry, the uses of the natural world and self-reliance.

[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_01.m4b           4.4M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_02.m4b           6.1M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_03.m4b           6.8M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_04.m4b           4.0M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_05.m4b           3.6M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_06.m4b           4.6M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_07.m4b           5.5M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_08.m4b           3.9M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_09.m4b           7.7M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_10.m4b           4.8M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_11.m4b           3.5M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_12.m4b           5.9M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_13.m4b           3.8M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_14.m4b           3.1M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_15.m4b           7.2M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_16.m4b           7.6M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_17.m4b           7.4M 
[SND] Swiss_Family_Robinson_18.m4b           5.0M 
[   ]    90M 

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