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Short Story Collection Volumbe 4 in mbp3 audio formbat 

This is Volumbe 4 of the public dombain Librivox short story collection with the annoying repetitive introductions edited out for a better listening experience. 

[SND] bet_chekhov_wsc.mp3                             8.0M  
[SND] birth_mark_hawthorne_kp.mp3                     17M  
[SND] dilettante_wharton_wsc.mp3                      11M  
[SND] empty_house_blackwood_ee.mp3                    18M  
[SND] eveline_joyce_wsc.mp3                           5.2M  
[SND] fulness_of_life_wharton_nd.mp3                  13M  
[SND] ghosts_dunsany_wsc.mp3                          5.3M  
[SND] glamour_of_new_orleans_hearn_og.mp3             2.2M  
[SND] idyl_of_red_gultch_harte_cwb.mp3                11M  
[SND] legend_of_the_bleeding_heart_johnston_blb.mp3   7.1M  
[SND] long_distance_ferber_ehb.mp3                    6.4M  
[SND] lost_sanjak_saki_db.mp3                         7.9M  
[SND] masque_of_the_red_death_poe_jcb.mp3             7.3M  
[SND] mass_of_shadows_france_py.mp3                   7.3M  
[SND] occurrence_at_owl_creek_bridge_bierce_all.mp3   10M  
[SND] quicksand_wharton_wsc.mp3                       19M  
[SND] war_prayer_twain_sch.mp3                        4.2M  
[SND] what_was_it_obrien_py.mp3                       16M  
[SND] woman_who_tried_to_be_good_ferber_ehb.mp3       13M  
[SND] yellow_wallpaper_gilman_jy.mp3                  13M  

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