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Short Story Collection Volume 4 in m4b audiobook format for the iPod and iTunes 

This is Volume 4 of the public domain Librivox short story collection with the annoying repetitive introductions edited out for a better listening experience. 

 An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge.m4b 5.2M
 Legend of the Bleeding-heart.m4b     3.7M 
 Long Distance.m4b                    3.3M
 The Bet.m4b                          4.2M 
 The Birth Mark.m4b                   9.1M 
 The Dilettante.m4b                   5.8M 
 The Empty House.m4b                  9.4M 
 The Fulness of Life.m4b              6.5M  
 The Ghosts.m4b                       2.8M  
 The Glamour of New Orleans.m4b       1.2M  
 The Idyl of Red Gulch.m4b            5.8M  
 The Lost Sanjak.m4b                  4.1M  
 The Masque of the Red Death.m4b      3.8M  
 The Mass of Shadows.m4b              3.8M  
 The Quicksand.m4b                    10M  
 The War Prayer.m4b                   2.2M  
 The Woman Who Tried to be Good.m4b   7.0M  
 The Yellow Wallpaper.m4b             6.7M  
 What Was It_.m4b                     8.3M

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