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Short Story Collection Volume 3 in m4b audiobook format for the iPod and iTunes

This is Volume 3 of the public domain Librivox short story collection with the annoying repetitive introductions edited out for a better listening experience. 

 A Psychological Shipwreck.m4b       2.7M  
 Advice to Little Girls.m4b          651K  
 Dalyrimple Goes Wrong.m4b           9.5M  
 Gift of the Magi.m4b                3.3M  
 God Sees the Truth, But Waits.m4b   4.3M  
 Ice Palace.m4b                      13M  
 Tale of Peter Rabbit.m4b            1.5M  
 The Danger of Lying in Bed.m4b      1.8M  
 The Gray Wolf.m4b                   3.4M  
 The Great French Duel.m4b           6.3M  
 The Lady or the Tiger.m4b           3.7M  
 The Leopard Man.m4b                 2.2M  
 The Loaded Dog.m4b                  4.0M  
 The Monkey.m4b                      6.2M  
 The Quest.m4b                       2.9M  
 The Signal-Man.m4b                  8.8M  
 The Story of an Hour.m4b            1.8M  
 To Build a Fire.m4b                 9.5M  
 Tobermory.m4b                       4.5M


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