Sonnets by William Shakespeare in m4b audio for the iPOD 

Shakespeare's sonnets comprise a collection of 154 poems in sonnet form that deal with such themes as love, beauty, politics, and mortality. (Summary from

32kbps mono

sonnets_01_shakespeare.m4b                      2.5M 
sonnets_02_shakespeare.m4b                      1.8M 
sonnets_03_shakespeare.m4b                      2.6M 
sonnets_04_shakespeare.m4b                      2.3M 
sonnets_05_shakespeare.m4b                      2.7M 
sonnets_06_shakespeare.m4b                      2.1M 
sonnets_07_shakespeare.m4b                      2.8M 
sonnets_08_shakespeare.m4b                      2.5M 
sonnets_09_shakespeare.m4b                      1.6M 
sonnets_10_shakespeare.m4b                      2.2M 
sonnets_11_shakespeare.m4b                      2.6M 
sonnets_12_shakespeare.m4b                      2.4M 
sonnets_13_shakespeare.m4b                      1.9M 
sonnets_14_shakespeare.m4b                      2.4M 
sonnets_15_shakespeare.m4b                       3.5M 
[   ]   35M