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Robinson Crusoe in m4b audiobook format for iPod and iTunes -  16kbps mono

Robinson Crusoe is a novel by Daniel Defoe, first published in 1719 and sometimes regarded as the first novel in English. The book is a fictional autobiography of Crusoe, the eponymous hero, a castaway on a remote island.

[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_01.m4b          1.3M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_02.m4b          2.8M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_03.m4b          4.3M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_04.m4b          3.9M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_05.m4b          3.3M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_06.m4b          1.1M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_07.m4b          1.5M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_08.m4b          9.9M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_09.m4b          1.3M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_10.m4b          2.1M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_11.m4b          1.4M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_12.m4b          3.2M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_13.m4b          2.5M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_14.m4b          2.1M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_15.m4b          2.5M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_16.m4b          2.8M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_17.m4b          2.2M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_18.m4b          1.8M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_19.m4b          3.5M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_20.m4b          2.7M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_21.m4b          1.5M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_22.m4b          5.0M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_23.m4b          5.1M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_24.m4b          4.0M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_25.m4b          2.8M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_26.m4b          3.6M 
[SND] Robinson_Crusoe_27.m4b          4.0M 
[SND]      78M 
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