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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen in m4b audio for the iPod and iTunes -  32kbps mono

Pride and Prejudice is the most famous of Jane Austen's novels. It was written between 1796 and 1797, and was called First Impressions. 

This story deals with issues surrounding marriage in the late 18th century and early 19th century, though many issues are universal. The main character is Elizabeth Bennet, a twenty-year-old middle-class girl possessed of a quick mind, sharp wit, and keen sense of justice.

The story is a deep analysis of character. Every character is finely crafted, generally to contrast with others, and demonstrates a point about the social niceties of love and marriage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

[SND]   130M
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_01.m4b              887K 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_02.m4b              930K 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_03.m4b              1.9M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_04.m4b              1.2M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_05.m4b              1.1M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_06.m4b              2.6M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_07.m4b              2.2M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_08.m4b              2.2M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_09.m4b              2.0M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_10.m4b              2.5M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_11.m4b              1.8M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_12.m4b              794K 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_13.m4b              1.9M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_14.m4b              1.3M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_15.m4b              1.9M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_16.m4b              3.8M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_17.m4b              1.5M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_18.m4b              5.8M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_19.m4b              2.2M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_20.m4b              1.9M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_21.m4b              2.2M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_22.m4b              2.0M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_23.m4b              1.8M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_24.m4b              2.2M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_25.m4b              1.7M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_26.m4b              2.6M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_27.m4b              1.4M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_28.m4b              1.6M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_29.m4b              2.7M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_30.m4b              1.4M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_31.m4b              1.8M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_32.m4b              1.7M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_33.m4b              2.1M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_34.m4b              2.4M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_35.m4b              3.4M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_36.m4b              2.3M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_37.m4b              1.6M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_38.m4b              1.2M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_39.m4b              1.8M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_40.m4b              1.9M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_41.m4b              2.6M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_42.m4b              2.1M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_43.m4b              5.5M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_44.m4b              2.6M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_45.m4b              2.0M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_46.m4b              3.5M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_47.m4b              4.5M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_48.m4b              2.5M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_49.m4b              2.5M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_50.m4b              2.4M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_51.m4b              2.3M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_52.m4b              3.4M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_53.m4b              3.3M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_54.m4b              1.8M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_55.m4b              2.7M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_56.m4b              3.1M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_57.m4b              1.9M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_58.m4b              2.8M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_59.m4b              2.8M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_60.m4b              1.8M 
[SND] Pride_and_Prejudice_61.m4b              1.4M 

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