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Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton in mp3 audio format for the iPod and iTunes -  32kbps mono

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874 - 1936) Popular English writer of the early 20th century whose book Orthodoxy is considered a classic of Christian Apologetics.

"It is the purpose of the writer to attempt an explanation, not of whether the Christian Faith can be believed, but of how he personally has come to believe it. The book is therefore arranged upon the positive principle of a riddle and its answer. It deals first with all the writer's own solitary and sincere speculations and then with all the startling style in which they were all suddenly satisfied by the Christian Theology. The writer regards it as amounting to a convincing creed. But if it is not that it is at least a repeated and surprising coincidence."

Gilbert K. Chesterton.

[SND] Orthodoxy_01.mp3            02-Apr-2005 22:01  2.9M 
[SND] Orthodoxy_02.mp3            02-Apr-2005 22:01  9.4M 
[SND] Orthodoxy_03.mp3            02-Apr-2005 22:01  9.1M 
[SND] Orthodoxy_04.mp3            02-Apr-2005 22:01  12M 
[SND] Orthodoxy_05.mp3            02-Apr-2005 22:01  9.0M 
[SND] Orthodoxy_06.mp3            02-Apr-2005 22:01  12M 
[SND] Orthodoxy_07.mp3            02-Apr-2005 22:01  13M 
[SND] Orthodoxy_08.mp3            02-Apr-2005 22:01  9.7M 
[SND] Orthodoxy_09.mp3            02-Apr-2005 22:01  12M 
[   ] 15-Jun-2005 00:34   79M 

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