The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

32kbps m4b audiobook format for iPod and iTunes- Advanced Text to speech 

The_Jungle_01.m4b         12M  
The_Jungle_02.m4b         5.7M  
The_Jungle_03.m4b         6.6M  
The_Jungle_04.m4b         7.0M  
The_Jungle_05.m4b         6.0M  
The_Jungle_06.m4b         5.5M  
The_Jungle_07.m4b         6.1M  
The_Jungle_08.m4b         4.3M  
The_Jungle_09.m4b         5.2M  
The_Jungle_10.m4b         5.7M  
The_Jungle_11.m4b         5.5M  
The_Jungle_12.m4b         4.2M  
The_Jungle_13.m4b         4.6M  
The_Jungle_14.m4b         4.1M  
The_Jungle_15.m4b         7.1M  
The_Jungle_16.m4b         4.8M  
The_Jungle_17.m4b         5.5M  
The_Jungle_18.m4b         5.8M  
The_Jungle_19.m4b         5.2M  
The_Jungle_20.m4b         5.7M  
The_Jungle_21.m4b         5.5M  
The_Jungle_22.m4b         6.1M  
The_Jungle_23.m4b         5.6M  
The_Jungle_24.m4b         7.1M  
The_Jungle_25.m4b         11M  
The_Jungle_26.m4b         9.5M  
The_Jungle_27.m4b         7.8M  
The_Jungle_28.m4b         8.6M  
The_Jungle_29.m4b         5.2M  
The_Jungle_30.m4b         7.4M  
The_Jungle_31.m4b         10M  
[   ]   196M