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The Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis in mp3 audio format for the iPod -  32kbps mono

The Imitation of Christ  by Thomas a Kempis remains one of the most widely read Christian spiritual books. It was first published around 1418.

This gentle book, filled with the spirit of the love of God, has brought understanding and comfort to millions of readers in over fifty languages, and provided them with a source of heart-felt personal prayer.

 [   ] 27-Jun-2005 01:07 71M
 [SND] The_Imitation_of_Christ_01.mp3 02-Apr-2005 22:00 3.6M
 [SND] The_Imitation_of_Christ_02.mp3 02-Apr-2005 22:00 3.9M
 [SND] The_Imitation_of_Christ_03.mp3 02-Apr-2005 22:00 9.5M
 [SND] The_Imitation_of_Christ_04.mp3 02-Apr-2005 22:00 3.7M
 [SND] The_Imitation_of_Christ_05.mp3 02-Apr-2005 22:00 6.3M
 [SND] The_Imitation_of_Christ_06.mp3 02-Apr-2005 22:00 14M
 [SND] The_Imitation_of_Christ_07.mp3 02-Apr-2005 22:00 12M
 [SND] The_Imitation_of_Christ_08.mp3 02-Apr-2005 22:00 17M
 [SND] The_Imitation_of_Christ_09.mp3 02-Apr-2005 22:00 8.2M
 [SND] The_Imitation_of_Christ_10.mp3 02-Apr-2005 22:00 7.1M


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