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Heidi by Johanna Spyri in mp3 audio format. 32kbps mono

Heidi is a story focusing on events in the life of the title character, a young orphan girl, in Switzerland. It was written as a children's book in 1880 by Swiss author Johanna Spyri. 

The Heidi books are loved by children all over the world, and are the best known works of Swiss literature.  The books portray a time in Swiss history which was considered to be innocent and pure.  Heidi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
   Read by Kara Shallenberg

[SND] Heidi_01.mp3              7.5M  
[SND] Heidi_02.mp3              4.2M  
[SND] Heidi_03.mp3              7.0M  
[SND] Heidi_04.mp3              7.1M  
[SND] Heidi_05.mp3              5.3M  
[SND] Heidi_06.mp3              4.2M  
[SND] Heidi_07.mp3              7.2M  
[SND] Heidi_08.mp3              5.5M  
[SND] Heidi_09.mp3              3.1M  
[SND] Heidi_10.mp3              4.9M  
[SND] Heidi_11.mp3              2.6M  
[SND] Heidi_12.mp3              5.8M  
[SND] Heidi_13.mp3              8.5M  
[SND] Heidi_14.mp3              6.8M  
[SND] Heidi_15.mp3              3.5M  
[SND] Heidi_16.mp3              4.5M  
[SND] Heidi_17.mp3              4.3M  
[SND] Heidi_18.mp3              5.4M  
[SND] Heidi_19.mp3              3.7M  
[SND] Heidi_20.mp3              8.3M  
[SND] Heidi_21.mp3              4.2M  
[SND] Heidi_22.mp3              7.4M  
[SND] Heidi_23.mp3               11M  
[   ]    128M 

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