White Fang by Jack London in m4b audiobook format

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White Fang (1906) was a sequel to the popular Call of the Wild (1903). It is the story of a dog born in the wild and brought to civilization. The story is viewed primarily through the eyes of its canine protagonist and deals with themes of morality and redemption.

32kbps m4b audiobook format for the iPod and iTunes

White_Fang_complete_m4b.zip     115M 
White_Fang_p01_ch01.m4b         4.4M 
White_Fang_p01_ch02.m4b         5.9M 
White_Fang_p01_ch03.m4b         8.1M 
White_Fang_p02_ch01.m4b         6.2M 
White_Fang_p02_ch02.m4b         4.9M 
White_Fang_p02_ch03.m4b         3.1M 
White_Fang_p02_ch04.m4b         6.5M 
White_Fang_p02_ch05.m4b         3.4M 
White_Fang_p03_ch01.m4b         7.2M 
White_Fang_p03_ch02.m4b         6.1M 
White_Fang_p03_ch03.m4b         2.2M 
White_Fang_p03_ch04.m4b         2.6M 
White_Fang_p03_ch05.m4b         4.2M 
White_Fang_p03_ch06.m4b         4.5M 
White_Fang_p04_ch01.m4b         4.9M 
White_Fang_p04_ch02.m4b         4.2M 
White_Fang_p04_ch03.m4b         2.7M 
White_Fang_p04_ch04.m4b         5.2M 
White_Fang_p04_ch05.m4b         3.4M 
White_Fang_p04_ch06.m4b         9.5M 
White_Fang_p05_ch01.m4b         2.5M 
White_Fang_p05_ch02.m4b         3.4M 
White_Fang_p05_ch03.m4b         6.2M 
White_Fang_p05_ch04.m4b         3.7M 
White_Fang_p05_ch05.m4b         5.5M