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Cattle Brands, A collection of Western campfire stories in m4b audiobook format.

Cattle Brands by Andy Adams was published in 1906. It is an enjoyable collection of western short stories about cowboys , cattle drives and frontier life. Andy Adams (1853 - 1935) an American writer of western fiction, was best known for his 1903 book Log of a Cowboy which is considered among the more authentic depictions of cowboy life in literature.

[SND] A College Vagabond.m4b   6.3M 
[SND] A Winter Roundup.m4b    5.5M 
[SND] Around the Spade Wagon.m4b   7.8M 
[SND] At Comanche Ford.m4b   8.4M 
[SND] Bad Medicine.m4b   5.1M 
[SND] Drifting North.m4b   7.8M 
[SND] In the Hands of his Friends.m4b   6.7M 
[SND] Rangering.m4b   8.3M 
[SND] Siegerman's Per Cent.m4b   7.3M 
[SND] The Double Trail.m4b 7.2M 
[SND] The Ransom of Don  Ramon Mora.m4b 8.5M 
[SND] The Story of a Poker Steer.m4b 7.4M 

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