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The Autobiography of Buffalo Bill by W.F. Cody in mp3 audio format   32kbps mono

"Buffalo Bill" (1846-1917) was one of the most colorful and well known figures of the American West. He worked as a trapper, gold miner, pony express rider, stagecoach driver and soldier before he became famous for his Wild West Show.

This is the story of his life in his own words.


[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_01.mp3        16M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_02.mp3        11M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_03.mp3        9.7M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_04.mp3        9.1M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_05.mp3        11M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_06.mp3        9.4M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_07.mp3        6.5M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_08.mp3        6.7M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_09.mp3        15M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_10.mp3        3.5M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_11.mp3        2.0M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_12.mp3        2.9M 
[SND] BUFFALO_BILL_13.mp3        4.9M 
[   ]           92M 
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