The Wisdom of Father Brown in mp3 audio format

This is the second of five books of short stories about G. K. Chestertonís fictional detective, first published in 1914.

32kbps mono= Read by Martin Clifton

[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_01.mp3    7.7M  
[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_02.mp3    9.4M  
[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_03.mp3    8.1M  
[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_04.mp3    9.1M  
[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_05.mp3    8.3M  
[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_06.mp3    8.6M  
[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_07.mp3    7.4M  
[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_08.mp3     10M  
[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_09.mp3    7.9M  
[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_10.mp3    7.2M  
[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_11.mp3    8.4M  
[SND] Wisdom_of_Father_Brown_12.mp3    7.3M  
[   ]   97M