Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne

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[SND] 80_Days_001.mp3                      2.4M 
[SND] 80_Days_002.mp3                      1.8M 
[SND] 80_Days_003.mp3                      3.4M 
[SND] 80_Days_004.mp3                      1.7M 
[SND] 80_Days_005.mp3                      1.5M 
[SND] 80_Days_006.mp3                      2.1M 
[SND] 80_Days_007.mp3                      1.4M 
[SND] 80_Days_008.mp3                      1.9M 
[SND] 80_Days_009.mp3                      2.5M 
[SND] 80_Days_010.mp3                      2.5M 
[SND] 80_Days_011.mp3                      4.1M 
[SND] 80_Days_012.mp3                      3.3M 
[SND] 80_Days_013.mp3                      3.2M 
[SND] 80_Days_014.mp3                      3.0M 
[SND] 80_Days_015.mp3                      3.1M 
[SND] 80_Days_016.mp3                      2.5M 
[SND] 80_Days_017.mp3                      2.8M 
[SND] 80_Days_018.mp3                      2.2M 
[SND] 80_Days_019.mp3                      3.5M 
[SND] 80_Days_020.mp3                      2.9M 
[SND] 80_Days_021.mp3                      4.0M 
[SND] 80_Days_022.mp3                      3.3M 
[SND] 80_Days_023.mp3                      3.1M 
[SND] 80_Days_024.mp3                      3.1M 
[SND] 80_Days_025.mp3                      3.3M 
[SND] 80_Days_026.mp3                      2.5M 
[SND] 80_Days_027.mp3                      3.1M 
[SND] 80_Days_028.mp3                      4.0M 
[SND] 80_Days_029.mp3                      3.5M 
[SND] 80_Days_030.mp3                      3.5M 
[SND] 80_Days_031.mp3                      2.9M 
[SND] 80_Days_032.mp3                      1.8M 
[SND] 80_Days_033.mp3                      4.0M 
[SND] 80_Days_034.mp3                      1.6M 
[SND] 80_Days_035.mp3                      2.6M 
[SND] 80_Days_036.mp3                      1.8M 
[SND] 80_Days_037.mp3                      1.7M 
[   ]    85M