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The Call of the Wild by Jack London in mp3 audio format for the iPod and iTunes -  32kbps mono

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Published in 1903, The Call of the Wild is London's most familiar book and considered one of his best. Because the protagonist is a dog, it is often mistakenly thought to be particularly suitable for children. The hero, Buck, is a domestic pet who is abducted by thieves and sold to a trainer of sled dogs. In a series of episodes, Buck is forced to survive and adapt to brutal and cruel conditions.

An American Classic Book

[SND] Call_of_the_Wild_01.mp3   5.3M  
[SND] Call_of_the_Wild_02.mp3   4.7M  
[SND] Call_of_the_Wild_03.mp3   7.2M  
[SND] Call_of_the_Wild_04.mp3   4.5M  
[SND] Call_of_the_Wild_05.mp3   7.6M  
[SND] Call_of_the_Wild_06.mp3   6.8M  
[SND] Call_of_the_Wild_07.mp3   8.5M  
[SND]  39M


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